7 reasons why it’s worth investing in the UNIPRO SPE01 9.50/22 bond

This article offers you a brief summary of all the advantages for investing into our company’s bond. All the key facts in one place.

1. Interest paid at the rate of 9.5% p.a.

The interest will be paid on a semi-annual basis with the final maturity as of 31.12.2022. The yield is fixed.

2. Suitable protection against inflation

Hiding your savings “under the pillow” is the worst thing to do. Investing into bonds will appreciate your funds and the yield will cover the risk of price increases.

3. Issue with a prospectus approved by the Czech National Bank

The new UNIPRO SPE01 9.50/22 is issued with a prospectus approved by the Czech National Bank under ISIN number: CZ0003522781 from the Central Securities Depository.

4. Investment with a deeper meaning

When developing technology, we place an emphasis on the environment. This will ensure the ecological recovery of waste tyres.

5. Patented technology

Technology developed by experts from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. It is a unique, innovative patented technology.

6. Simple transferability and bond inheritance

The transfer of ownership is extraordinarily simple via endorsement.

7. Beneficial investment taxation – withholding tax

In comparison with other forms of income, this investment comes with a reduced rate while the issuer pays the tax, meaning the investor does not have to submit a tax return.