News that pleases every investor

We would like to thank each of you who decided to invest into the project from the company UNIPRO SPE01 SE. The first issue of UNIPRO 2020 bonds being sold out brought us one step closer to fulfilling our goals.

Currently ongoing sale of issue with a prospectus approved by the Czech National Bank, titled UNIPRO SPE01 9.50 / 22. We launched the sale with a special introductory 3% discount on the issue price. (This means that you will get back 900 CZK from each bond amounting to 30,600 CZK, including the issue price.)

How are we going to use the funds from this issue? The chosen funds will be used for the purchase and implementation of devices for tyre recycling and their further use in the cement factory.

During the era of the mass production of goods, there is an increased requirement for monitoring the whole life cycle of products, from manufacture and use to renewal. The usability and economic efficiency of the product is monitored during each phase of the cycle, as well as its impact on the environment.

Customers require the longest life of the products possible, the lowest energy consumption and instructions how to dispose the products. Legislators worldwide have started to create legislation that makes manufacturers and consumers behave similarly.

The owners of UNIPRO SPE01 SE first caught on to these tendencies 15 years ago and started to think about adapting to this trend. The result was an idea for the material and energy use of plastics with an impact on used tyres and the further use of rubber residues during recycling in machines used to produce cement simply as an additional heat source.

Interviews with two cement factories concluded with positive results. The cement factories are interested in this technology and they would like to substitute their old technologies using coal as the energy source. In case of purchase, their savings would return their investment within 4 or 5 years. The technology will be modified at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in order to be suitable for use in these cement factories.

We are also working on a new patent, so stay tuned and follow us. We will regularly keep you updated at our blog.